Turn Your Good Idea Into a Great Business...
Quickly and Professionally


Start your business in less than 90 days
with the help of a Virtual Incubator coach

Jeff_cropped200Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Creator & Chief Coach
for the Virtual Incubator™ Business Launch Program.

If you think like a lot of us boomers today, you don’t see yourself completely stopping work after you leave your
corporate job.

…Instead you see yourself:

  • Continuing to do work you love or starting to do new work that attracts you.
  • Working regularly but with plenty of time to visit the grandkids, travel, etc.
  • Creating a new stream of income that you can grow as you wish.

If you visualize yourself post-retirement taking up volunteer work or investing more passion into a hobby, then you are likely satisfied with the fulfillment you feel rather than the financial return you can make.

But, if you can turn your skill, talent or life-interest into an enterprise that attracts customers who are very pleased to pay you for your skill or knowledge…well, then you have a money-making business!

Chances are good that you are here because you think that you have a work skill or strong personal interest that you can turn into a fun and profitable business.
But, you aren’t sure how to get it done.

Your Virtual Incubator coach offers all the training, advice and support services you need to launch your business, quickly and professionally.

“When I lost my job at age 52, I decided it was time to start my own business.
I had more than thirty years of experience in my field, but little idea how to get my business started. Jeff and his Virtual Incubator team had my business fully functioning in less than 90 days.”

Ken Proskie

CEO, Compass Health & Safety

“Jeff’s intensive coaching guided me to refocus my company’s mission and marketing presence to appeal to a national audience. I have been able to really boost the growth of my coaching business following Jeff’s spot on advice and guidance.”

Janet Ruck

Coach, Plan a Great Life

“Jeff and his Virtual Incubator team guided me to complete all of the decisions I needed to make, in the order I needed to make them. Adding Jeff Williams’s highly focused guidance saved me a lot of time and money in successfully launching my business”.

Oscar Womack

CEO, Coherent Contracts