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Our specialty is helping successful, talented individuals over the age of 50 turn business skills, product ideas and strong hobby interests into fun and rewarding new lives as the owners of their own businesses.

  • Over the past twenty-five years Jeff Williams and his start-up coaches at Bizstarters have developed a strong reputation for guiding their boomer peers to launch a wonderful new phase of their lives……owning and running the business that they have dreamed about for years.
  • Bizstarters has helped more than 4,000 individuals to complete the new business planning process.
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  • Our expert business start-up coaches combine real–world experience, a proven planning process and access to a team of start-up experts to provide you with help that is:
    We offer the same reliable planning process in a number of formats, specially designed to satisfy any budget.
    Plan your business at home on your own pace; join with a live planning group; or work with your personal business start-up coach.
    Each planning step is clearly presented – you don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do next.

Why our clients come to us

Our clients come to us for a number of reasons: some have lost their jobs and cannot find a suitable replacement; some have taken an orderly retirement but want to keep working…but in a new way.

They want to do the work they love, everyday.
The truth is that many of us have not always been able to do work in our corporate jobs that really was rewarding.

Often we did what we had to do to pay the mortgage, college tuition, etc.The essense of running your own business is that you can create your perfect work.
They want to supplement their income.
Let’s be honest. In particular most of us 50-plusers can use a boost to our income, whether we’re trying to replace a complete salary or we’d just like to accumulate a few thousand dollars more to pay for a month in Tuscany or to contribute to a grandchild’s college fund.

One of the most attractive features of making money through your own business is that the only limit to how much you can make in a given year is your level of ambition and determination. There are no more annual salary reviews or hoping and wishing for a year-end bonus.
They want to enjoy greater schedule flexibility.
I know that it may sound strange, but I worked fewer hours per week in my first year of business ownership than I did in my last few years of corporate employment.

By the time I launched my first business, I had given up all of my hobbies, dropped out of the bowling league and couldn’t find time to visit out of town relatives. if you’ve been facing a similar situation you will overjoyed as your own boss to create greater balance in your life by being able to set your own schedule.

We’d love to assist you,
Jeff Williams
Chief Coach

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