Nearly a quarter of new entrepreneurs
are 55-63


I’ve Been Helping Boomer Entrepreneurs
Start & Grow Profitable Businesses Since 1991

Hundreds have worked with me and my Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ coaches
to quickly and professionally start their businesses.


Jeff_cropped200Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Creator & Chief Coach
for the Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ Coaching Program.

A lot of we boomers want to keep working well into our sixties.

And for more and more of us the ideal way to create work best-suited to us means turning a skill, idea or interest into a income-producing enterprise.

Chances are good that you are here because you think that you have a work skill or strong personal interest that you can turn into a fun and profitable business. But, you aren’t sure how to get started.

The Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ Coaching Program is designed to help talented people turn just such a skill or interest into a fun and rewarding enterprise…quickly and professionally.

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I want to make sure that we can help you in the most effective way to find a great business idea and turn it into a great business. I’ve learned that the best way to do this is to chat with you about your vision, ambition and most importantly your prospective business idea.



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