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Are you recently retired, downsized or otherwise find yourself at an age when you’re ready to invest your hard-earned knowledge, experience and energy into your own enterprise?

Our mission at Bizstarters is to guide experienced individuals toward the goal of creating and growing their own businesses and to re-acquaint them with the joy of independence, pride of quality and feeling of accomplishment many of us had hoped to feel before we got bowled over by life and pushing up the corporate ladder.

Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Chief Coach for Bizstarters.com.

I’ve worked with more than a 1,000 clients over the past seventeen years and I invite you to read over the three questions below to see which one best fits you.

Virtual Incubator
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Don’t worry where your entrepreneurial interest lies – my Virtual Incubator™ business start-up planning process works with any kind of business idea, freelance service or hobby interest.

Q. Do you have insider industry knowledge you’re sure can be turned into a profitable consulting practice?

Q. Do you have a well-developed business skill you can see turning into a successful service business?

Q. Do you know the ins and outs of a hobby you bet your fellow hobbyists will pay to share?

No matter whether you’re planning your business around a work skill, life skill, specialized knowledge or long-loved hobby or passion I will guide you through the steps necessary to create a fully functioning, professionally run business.

I invite you to book a free coaching call to discuss how we can work together to turn your good idea into a great business.

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Let’s begin a new journey to entrepreneurial success,
Jeff Williams

IMG_0685“After working for more than thirty years as an industrial engineer for major manufacturers, I was ready to retire and start my own consulting company. With Jeff’s guidance through his Virtual Incubator program I crafted a fully functioning business in just a few weeks.”
Deb Martin
Profitable Processes
jimg“I spent a year fruitlessly looking for a replacement job after being downsized at age 59. With Jeff’s coaching I turned my long-enjoyed pastime playing drums in rock and jazz groups into a fun and profitable enterprise selling vintage drum kits to collectors around the world.”
Jim Glay
Crash, Boom, Bam
althea_round“Hiring Jeff to help me launch my coaching practice is one of my secrets to success. Jeff’s systemic approach to develop, grow and build my business is world-class. His solid business advise, strong marketing and entrepreneurial expertise helped my transition from Corporate America to self-employment.”
Althea Mcintyre
The Best Career For Me