I’ve Been Helping Entrepreneurs Over 50
Start & Grow Profitable Businesses Since 1991

Hundreds have worked with me and my Virtual Incubator™ coaches
to quickly and professionally start their businesses.


Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Chief Coach for the Virtual Incubator™ Coaching Program.

I’ve learned from working with hundreds of my boomer peers over the past twenty-five years that being your own boss in your fifties or sixties is a great way to continue working the way you want for as long as you wish.
See some reasons why

Five Great Reasons to Start a Business After 50

1. You age doesn’t matter.
Your customers only care that you deliver what you promised.

2. You set your schedule.
You can balance your work and leisure much more effectively.

3. You can do good work and give back.
You can work to make money and solve a social problem at the same time.

4. Your ambition is the only limit to your income.
Find and keep customers happy and you will enjoy steady income.

5. You can boost your retirement savings.
The IRS lets you tax-defer $40,000 or more each year in business earnings.

Our Virtual Incubator™ Business Start-Up Program surrounds you with an expert start-up team…to guide your business planning, create your business identity and web presence and assure that you have completed all key organizational tasks.

Let me introduce the program to you.

I look forward to starting a new adventure with you,