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Before I started working with my fellow boomers as clients many years ago, I understood clearly one very important facet of our lives – we love to be in the middle of the action and working in a challenging corporate job is the way most of us achieve it.

But over the last decade more and more of these jobs have been disappearing, or we’ve been asked to disappearbut we still want to work.

This is where I come in.

I guide folks like you to see how a business skill or avid personal interest can often be used to solve the problems of others or satisfy unmet needs, for consumers or businesses who are eager to pay for the solution or satisfaction – a classic case of “doing good and doing well” at the same time.

Sometimes my new clients have a had long-standing dream to run a particular kind of business…and now that the kids are leaving the nest the time seems right to move forward.

Others very unexpectedly lost their corporate jobs and can’t replace them. They realize that they need to “create their own job” by launching some kind of entrepreneurial enterprise.

Let me share some stories with you.

Time to Step Out On His Own
Ken Proskie is a engineer trained at the University of Michigan and an award-winning corporate health and safety director for mega-manufacturing companies.Faced with yet another likely downsizing he decided at age 52 to step away from the corporate world and begin his own consultancy read more…

The Reluctant Entrepreneur
Jim Glay has been playing the drums professionally since he was sixteen. His love of music also drove his career choice – for more twenty five years he was a regional sales manager for a distributor of classical music CDs. One day his boss summoned him to a meeting at O’Hare. He was sure he was going to be given the general managers’s job. Instead, he got a pink slip. read more…

Let me share my insider tips, techniques and resources.

I’ve organized the Bizstarters website into what I call the “3 C’s” – Content, Coaching and Courses. No matter your starting point, there is help and guidance immediately available to you.

Just use the links below to check out the resource that just’s right for you now.
Great Success to You,

Jeff Williams

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