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Do You Have a Work Skill or Avid Hobby
You Think Will Make a Great Business…
…but you don’t know where to start?

If you’ve been seriously considering how to turn a well-developed business skill, great new product idea or avid hobby into a fun and rewarding business……but you just don’t seem to be getting into action then you’ve come to the right place.

Now is a great time to start a fun and profitable new life as the owner of your own business enterprise.

See why…

Your age doesn’t matter when you run your own business

boomercouplesmilingYou may have discovered through personal experience that being over 50 can be seen as a negative by some corporate hiring managers.

But, we have good news!

Showing a touch of gray hair or listing a job from the 1970′s on your resume reflects maturity, wisdom and demonstrated skill – all traits highly valued by consumers and corporate clients when they are searching for suppliers and vendors.

Your age is an advantage in the entrepreneurial world!

New businesses last longer than new jobs

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 60% of businesses launched last at least two years.

And, CareerBuilders surveys show that the typical new job placement today only lasts eighteen months!

Surveys show that businesses started by people over 50 last longer than those started by younger folks.

It has never been less expensive to start and run a business

The vast majority of our start-up clients launch for much less than $10,000.

And since many of them operate out of home-based offices, they often run their businesses for less than $500 per month.

Your financial risk in starting your own business has never been less.

See how we can help you plan and launch a great business.

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