“Nearly a quarter of new entrepreneurs are 55 to 63”.
– Gallup survey


I’ve Been Helping Entrepreneurs Over 50
Start & Grow Profitable Businesses Since 1991

Hundreds have worked with me and my Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ coaches
to quickly and professionally start their businesses.


Jeff_cropped200Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Creator & Chief Coach
for the Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ Coaching Program.

A lot of us boomers want to keep working well into our sixties.

And for more and more of us the ideal way to create work best-suited to us means turning a skill, idea or interest into an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Chances are good that you are here because you think that you have a work skill or strong personal interest that you can turn into an entrepreneurial enterprise. But, you aren’t sure how to get started.

The Virtual Incubator Coaching Program is designed to help talented people turn just such a skill or interest into a fun and rewarding enterprise…quickly and professionally. Watch the video below.

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