Start a Great Boomer Business

Do work you love. Enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Jeff_cropped200Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, CEO of Bizstarters and Chief Coach of our Virtual Incubator™ business startup program for boomers.

I left the corporate world almost thirty years ago to launch my first business…and I haven’t looked back.

In my corporate career I was unexpectedly downsized, denied several just promotions and had superiors take credit for my ideas once too often…With twenty years work experience, I was convinced that I could enjoy my work more and reap more financial reward by running my own business.

I am about to enter my third decade as a boomer business owner: I have not only launched three successful businesses myself but I’ve also helped guide more than 1,500 of my boomer peers to move down the entrepreneurial path.

Now, I know from working with a wide variety of people that you too can enjoy great success and reward through doing entrepreneurial work.

Here’s why.

You know what you’re good at…and what you really enjoy.

Chances are good that the work you really enjoy doing you’re also very accomplished at doing. So you can build a solid business centered around work that you know how to do well.

You possess knowledge and skill that people will pay to access.

If what you want to do next is related to a business skill, you already know that at least one customer (your former employer) has paid you well for access to it.

If your desired entrepreneurial venture is related to a personal interest or hobby, then you are looking at doing work related to an activity you’ve enjoyed for years, whether it be dog grooming or pottery throwing. You just need to figure out how to get others to pay you for your knowledge and experience.

You’re well connected.

You may wish to be the sole owner of your business, but thanks to your extensive list of contacts, you’ll never have to work all alone. You have friends and professional acquaintances that can provide needed skills and introductions to key people.

You’re realistic about the money end.

You understand that there is some connection between the number of hours you are willing to work in your business and the level of income you are likely to enjoy. If you think you’ll be content bringing in enough additional income to pay for a nice trip to Europe each year, chances are good that you can do this with a very part-time business. But, if your desire is to add $100,000 to your retirement savings, I think that you understand that this will likely require robust full-time work, at least a large part of the year. The key is: you make the choice, not rely upon a boss to give you a raise.

You’re worth more than you think.

Too many current and former employees think that they are only worth what it shows on their paycheck stub. I’ve had clients pay me $500 or more per hour for my highly focused consulting work. I never made anywhere close to this amount of salary per hour working in my corporate jobs. Often prospective customers place a higher dollar value on your skills and experience than any employer ever will.

Your age doesn’t matter. Your skill does.

Through working with hundreds of boomer clients over the years I have discovered an unexpected truth – corporations may not hire you after 50, but they’ll certainly buy from you…and so will consumers who see your many years of experience as a very reliable way to solve their problems and fulfill their needs. Your age rarely matters to your customers when you approach them as a trusted consultant or service provider.

You should be encouraged. So, take the next step.

You just need a step-by-step process to turn your skill and experience into a fully functioning business.

Read on to learn how we help you do this…


Turn your good idea into a great business…
quickly and professionally

You have a well-developed business skill…or long-enjoyed hobby…or a great idea for a new product.

If you could, you’d love to find a “magic wand’ that when you waved it would automatically transform your skill or interest into a money-making business enterprise. And, by the way, you can’t wait to have this happen!

Now, I don’t claim any power of wizardry, but I think that we have put together the next best thing for you – the Virtual Incubator™ Business Startup Coaching Program. Listen to my introduction.

We’ve developed this business launch program based on input we’ve received (and continue to receive) from hundreds of our boomer friends, neighbors, customers and former corporate colleagues. People like you told us what kind of support they wanted when starting their businesses…and we built the program based on this.

How Virtual Incubator™ Gets Your Business Up and Running

1. You work with your personal business startup coach.

He offers expert counsel, guides you through the planning schedule and coordinates all work completed by our support team on your behalf.

2. You and your coach focus your time building your marketing and selling plan.

You’re really good at doing the work you choose to build your business around. You just need some expert help to craft a plan to tell the proper people about the advantages your offer.

3. Our support team organizes your business.

The key to building a business you can grow is to organize your business for growth. Our expert support team completes a series of tasks to assure that you are ready to grow when you open your doors – everything from setting up your web hosting account, to getting a sharp website designed, to legal organization, to installing and using your accounting software.

If starting a business is something you desire, why not take the first step now?

Watch a video introduction to the Virtual Incubator program to get started.

I might have been able to launch my consulting business on my own, but not nearly as quickly or as well as I did with Jeff’s guidance through the Virtual Incubator program.

Ken Proskie

Compass Health & Safety

Jeff’s insightful and caring coaching, backed by his Virtual Incubator planning process gave me all the confidence I needed to successfully launch my coaching practice and land my first clients – in much less time than I expected.

Althea McIntyre

The Best Career for Me

I had long thought about turning my hobby of collecting vintage drum sets into a business. With Jeff’s Virtual Incubator program and personal coaching I launched my online store selling drums and drum accessories. I wish that I’d done this sooner!

Jim Glay

Crash, Boom, Bam