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I’ve been helping entrepreneurs over 50
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Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Chief Coach for Bizstarters.

While working with more than 4,000 clients over the past seventeen years I have always been guided by a foundation principle:

My mission is to guide talented individuals to re-acquaint themselves with the joy of independence, pride of quality and feeling of accomplishment many of us have felt before in life…long before we got bowled over by the financial demands of raising a family and pushing our way up the corporate ladder.

I invite you to read over the three questions below to see which one best fits you.

Don’t worry if your entrepreneurial interest lies on another path – my business start-up process works with any kind of business idea.

Q. Do you have insider industry knowledge you’re sure can be turned into a profitable consultancy?

Q. Do you have a well-developed work or life skill you can see turning into a successful service business?

Q. Do you know the ins and outs of a hobby you bet your fellow hobbyists will pay to share?

No matter whether you’re starting with a work skill, specialized knowledge or a long-loved hobby I will guide you to create a fully functioning, professionally run business.

Great Success to You,

Jeff Williams

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