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It’s not just my opinion that you’re well positioned to become your own boss. Thousands of your peers are doing it!

For the past decade, individuals over age 55 have been the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S.

In fact, in 2014 we started more than 25% of all new businesses!

So, why is now a great time in your life to start and run a business?

– You have a well-developed business skill or strong hobby interest to build your business around.
– You know how to effectively deal with many kinds of people.
– You have the confidence earned by someone who has overcome challenges in his life.
– You know a lot of people with whom you can connect.
– You have some money to invest in your business.

Over the past seventeen years the Bizstarters team of startup coaches and I have guided more than 2,000 individuals like you through our Virtual Incubator new business planning program.

When these folks come to us, they are in various stages of preparation to run their own business.

But, as we talk with them we find out that they all want the same result – to be up and running as quickly and professionally as possible.

To help you determine your next step, we’ve organized our resources into three starting points.

Use the icons below to guide your path.

Great Success to You,


learningTo find out if you’re ready to become your own boss share our library of articles, podcasts and videos on starting and growing your business.
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startingLearn how to turn a solid work skill or strong personal interest into a winning business idea. Read more


coachingUse our online course to launch your business on your schedule.
Or arrange one-on-one coaching to speed your business launch.

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