Sample Planning Module

Virtual Incubator Planning Program

Planning Week 1

Find a Problem to Solve

3 Success Steps, business conceptPeople and businesses pay for solutions…to all kinds of problems.

For example:
– A two-worker family may not have enough time to mow their lawn and trim their bushes.
– A small business may not have any one trained in accounting on their staff and is looking for an expert to keep their QuickBooks accounting program up to date.
– A large corporation knows that it must obey certain health and safety laws, but doesn’t see the wisdom of having a properly trained person on their payroll. So, they are looking for a consultant to perform very specific tasks for an agreed upon fee.

How To Do It

This marketing-related task really calls upon your experience, knowledge and connections to properly identify an appropriate and meaningful problem in the marketplace for which you have the ability to deliver a superior solution.

1. Go to Task 2 in your Marketing Plan Summary.
2. Type in a description of the problem you feel is appropriate for your particular business.
3. In the next space, type in your description of your intended solution to this problem.

You will need time to work out all of the operational details for your solution, so for now enter a summary of your solution.

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