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How does the program work?

Our mission in the Virtual Incubator coaching program is to assure that you never have to wonder what to do next.

To achieve this result, we guide you to use three powerful resources to move from your good idea to launching a great business.

Online Planning Program

You prepare to complete each decision and organizational task presented in the week-by-week planning calendar by reading the step-by-step instructions presented in the online course. Using a simple log-in, you can enter the course as often as you wish…from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
Look at a sample module.

Live Coaching Calls

Your Virtual Incubator coach explains each decision and task; teaches you new business skills; encourages your forward movement; and answers your planning questions. Your coach is also available to answer your questions via email in between live calls.

Support Team

Some of your organizational tasks can be more quickly and professionally completed by using an expert service provider. We have assembled a team of such experts to assist you in completing these tasks, ranging from designing your logo and business cards, to designing and launching your company’s website, to installing and using accounting software.

Is the planning work customized to my business idea?

Every successful business needs to complete some common decisions, such as selecting your business location, and common tasks, such as acquiring a business logo. Your Virtual Incubator coach assures that all of these foundation decisions and tasks are professionally completed.

Where the individuality comes in is in crafting a marketing and selling strategy that connects your unique skills and mission with a documented need in the marketplace.

Your Virtual Incubator coach leads you through a step-by-step marketing planning process to discern your business’s unique competitive advantage; guides you to set realistic sales and profit goals; and leads you to create reliable sales prospecting and customer service plans.

Your Virtual Incubator coach also advises you on a number of organizational steps that directly relate to your desired style of business management. An example is connecting you to our accounting professionals to assist you in selecting your business’s legal form.

Can I launch any style of business?

Yes, you can.

Over a typical year we help launch a wide variety of business types, ranging from consultancies to e-commerce web-stores. We particularly specialize in building successful new businesses around the sale of knowledge and step-by-step training, a wonderful, new, low-cost, high-profit business model that turns experience into attractive income.

What specific decisions and tasks do you help me complete?

Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
1. A comprehensive marketing strategy and action plan.

Marketing Support System
1. An eye-catching logo and coordinated full-color business cards.
2. Selection and registration of your domain name and setup of website hosting.
3. A fully-functioning WordPress website, optimized for use on all digital devices.
4. Set-up of an email marketing account.
5. Social media business profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
6. Professional copywriting of content for your website homepage.

Selling & Customer Service Plan
1. Written sales prospecting strategy and action plan, with first-year sales projection.
2. Development of a written customer service strategy.

Business Organization
1. Legal registration of your business.
2. First year profit and loss projection.
3. Price and/or fee setting.
4. Examination of needs and sources of capital for your business.
5. A copy of the QuickBooks Pro accounting software installed on your business computer.
6. Guidance in establishing your business banking, including setup of a merchant’s credit card account where desired.
7. Completion of a written operations plan to assure consistent quality as your business grows.

What services do I receive as a client?

1. Unlimited access to the online planning program and downloadable planning tools.
2. Eight, 60-minute live coaching calls with an expert Virtual Incubator coach (additional calls can be scheduled as necessary).
3. Monthly progress-checking phone calls with the Virtual Incubator coach for six months after business launch.
4. Completion of an eye-catching logo design.
5. 500 full-color business cards, coordinated with the logo design.
6. Design, testing and launch of a fully-featured business website, based on the WordPress content management platform.
7. 56-page WordPress Website Updating Guide – You quickly learn how to make copy and graphics changes to your business website.
8. Domain name registration and website hosting on for one year.
9. A copy of QuickBooks Pro accounting software sent to you, with a phone tutorial on installing and using the program.
10. Legal registration of your chosen business name and legal form (state registration fees are extra).
11. Acquisition of the Federal Employer’s Identification Number (FEIN), where necessary.
12. Complete financial management system setup.
13. Complete operational system setup.
14. Invitation to skill enhancement tele-learning sessions.

How much does it cost?

Each Virtual Incubator client relationship is highly individualized, based on a number of factors, including the client’s mission for his business.

Accordingly, each prospective Virtual Incubator client is presented with a written work proposal which includes a complete description of the work to be performed by the Virtual Incubator coach, and all client costs. The client relationship is commenced only after we receive a digital signature signifying approval of the Client Agreement by the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a few examples of Virtual Incubator clients?

Wired Lotus

Ellewald Publishing

Plan a Great Life

Intentional Actions


Accel Property Management

Component Manufacturing Specialists

How long before I am officially open for business?

Our proven new business planning process is based on using an eleven-week planning calendar. We have found that if a Virtual Incubator client invests the suggested amount of planning time each week, dependably participates in all coaching calls and responds in a timely fashion to requests for information from our support team, that the new business should be ready to officially starting soliciting business in 12-14 weeks after planning starts.

Can I receive additional in-depth help on specific tasks or with new management skills?

Yes, you can.

Your Virtual Incubator coach has immediate access to a variety of knowledge experts, ranging from copy editors, to graphic designers, to accountants, to IT and sales prospecting pros, to mention a few.

As you progress with your business launch, your Virtual Incubator coach is continually evaluating your need for more in-depth tutoring or guidance and when recommended he will introduce you to the appropriate member of the Virtual Incubator network

Please note: This cost is in addition to your agreed-upon Virtual Incubator coaching package price. Supplemental assistance will be presented first to you in a short proposal, including pricing. Our network expert will only commence work with you upon your approval.


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denise-laurin[1]“I know the graphic design business well, but when I decided to add training workshops, I didn’t realize all the important details I needed to address. Jeff’s one-on-one coaching helped me successfully launch my new workshops”.
Denise Laurin
Living Creatively

ken_proskie_125“When I lost my job at age 52, I decided it was time to start my own business. Thanks to the Virtual Incubator planning process and Jeff’s coaching, I turned my corporate experience into a successful consulting business”.
Ken Proskie
Compass Health & Safety

althea_125“I was quite confident in making the dramatic trans-
formation from corporate CPA to life coach. But I was less sure of how to turn my newly gained skills into a lucrative business. Jeff’s insightful and caring coaching, backed by his Virtual Incubator planning process gave me all the confidence I needed to successfully launch my coaching practice and land my first clients – in much less time than I expected”.
Althea McIntyre
ARM Career & Life Coaching

Oscar Womack_125“The Virtual Incubator planning process took me through the decisions I needed to make, in the order I needed to make them”.
Oscar Womack
Coherent Contracts