About Jeff

Jeff_cropped2Hi, I’m Jeff Williams chief coach for Bizstarters.com

I started my first entrepreneurial coaching business just before my 40th birthday after realizing during an eighteen year career as an MBA-trained corporate marketing guy that what I really wanted in my work life was to be able to act upon my creative ideas quickly and without interference from higher-ups.

My company, Bizstarters.com, was selected by the editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine as “The Best Entrepreneurial Guide for People Over 50”. We also were given the Award for Program Excellence by the U.S. League of Cities for our innovative business start-up coaching program offered to downsized corporate managers.

Since starting with my first start-up client more than twenty-seven years ago, I have worked to offer not just training and coaching but also a sense of community and connection between my clients and between my clients and me.

I am pleased to say that I have always viewed my clients as new friends, and I still hear from many who launched their businesses years ago.

Starting about ten years ago, we started to see individuals over age 50 becoming our predominant clients.

Not surprisingly, over this same time period the U.S. Small Business Administration tells us that Americans over age 50 have in fact been the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S.

While many aspects of working with a start-up client are identical no matter what the age of the client, our surveys among people over 50 have revealed that they have a particular outlook on running a business enterprise.

Some of the key features of their “entrepreneurial dream” include:

  • They want to do work they truly enjoy, not just make money doing.
  • They want to run their business for five to six years, often until they qualify for Medicare coverage.
  • They want enough flexibility in their work schedule to permit them to enjoy their family and friends.

My greatest satisfaction in my work is seeing a talented 50+ individual make a happy and profitable transition from a corporate job to being his own boss.

I have learned a lot from both my own three business launchings and my work with more than 4,000 clients over the past twenty-seven years.

Our Virtual Incubator Start-Up Program incorporates every insider tip, proven resource and expert service provider that we have discovered from our coaching work.

I am pleased to present the Virtual Incubator coaching program to you.


Client Testimonials

denise-laurin[1]“I know the graphic design business well, but when I decided to add training workshops, I didn’t realize all the important details I needed to address. Jeff’s one-on-one coaching helped me successfully launch my new workshops”.
Denise Laurin
Living Creatively

ken_proskie_125“When I lost my job at age 52, I decided it was time to start my own business. Thanks to the Virtual Incubator planning process and Jeff’s coaching, I turned my corporate experience into a $200,000+ consulting business”.
Ken Proskie
Compass Health & Safety

althea_125“I was quite confident in making the dramatic trans-
formation from corporate CPA to life coach. But I was less sure of how to turn my newly gained skills into a lucrative business. Jeff’s insightful and caring coaching, backed by his Virtual Incubator planning process gave me all the confidence I needed to successfully launch my coaching practice and land my first clients – in much less time than I expected”.
Althea McIntyre
ARM Career & Life Coaching