In your heart of hearts you know that you have at least one well-developed work skill.

It could be balancing the general ledger as an accounting manager.

Or, crafting eye-catching marketing materials as a top graphic designer.

And that’s how you build a successful business – start with a work skill that others will pay for access to.

But, to really run a successful business you must be able to perform a variety of management tasks: ranging from preparing for a sales call to working with your accountant to prepare for your business tax return.

As they say, you will “wear many hats”…sometimes changing from one hat to another in the same hour!

Our New Podcast Series


It can seem a bit overwhelming to think about all the tasks you will have to perform to effectively manage your own business.

So, I decided that it would be very useful to share with you 21 short, how-to episodes in our new podcast series: “Business Start-up for Boomers”.

Each episode runs about eight minutes and gives how-to tips for performing a specific business management task ranging from managing your schedule to writing a compelling selling story.

You can easily play the episodes from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Click here to listen to the podcast episodes.