Quick Start Your Consulting Practice

You’ve put together a very successful career as a corporate executive…someone known in your industry.

It could be plastic molding, or after-market auto parts manufacturing…or even consumer financial services.

You know that companies in your industry are frequently looking for very capable and highly focused project work to be completed by outside consultants…you may have even bought just such consulting advice and services during your corporate career.

You’re ready to step away from the corporate world now, but you want to keep doing satisfying and lucrative work.

You may be thinking: Wouldn’t it be great if I could leave my retirement party on Friday…and on Monday I’m back doing work I enjoy as a well-paid consultant?

Well, we’ve put together a package of coaching and business services to speed your launch as a successful consulting specialist.

In just a couple of weeks we’ll guide you to prepare to enter the marketplace selling your many years of knowledge and your extensive connections.


What the Package Includes

  • Two, 60-minute coaching calls (plus all necessary off call time) to guide you to create a written business model description for your new business, including:
    – Compelling explanation of your consulting specialty.
    – Informative description of 4-5 high demand projects for which you are very skilled and experienced.
    – Competitive review for your industry.
    – Description of your revenue-generation plan.
  • Selection and registration of web domain name.
  • Design of a business logo.
  • Design and printing of 500 full-color business cards.
  • Design and copy for a LinkedIn Company page (this works in place of a full website as you get started).
  • One additional, 60-minute telecoaching call to provide answers to your particular questions related to launching a consulting business, e.g.setting fees, lead generation, legal set-up and administrative support options, et al. (plus answers to unlimited questions submitted via email).