Meet Sarah Shaw, CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting and a women who takes pride in the fact that “she has never really had a job”.

Right out of college, Sarah succeeded in achieving her goal of creating costumes for Hollywood performers. She thought that her life would be spent shuttling from sound stage to sound stage…but one day she got an idea for a different kind of handbag. Soon she was spending each night cutting material and sewing and ornamenting the bags. She found her first customers among the many support people found on Hollywood lots.

After losing her financing after 9/11, Sarah was forced to close her handbag company, but always nurturing new ideas, she soon was selling a closet organizer she designed to the Container Store and other chain stores.

Along the way, Sarah started to receive more and more inquiries from fashion entrepreneurs who wanted to tap into her successful process for bringing a new fashion line to market.

Today, Sarah’s primary business is providing top to bottom advice and services to all manner of new sellers of fashion items. Her specialty is getting her clients’ fashion goods into the hands of celebrities.

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