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The key to the success of our Virtual Incubatorâ„¢ business startup program over the past twenty-five years has been that we prepare our clients to not only launch their businesses, but also to GROW THEM!

We know that in order to attract and sell a steady stream of new customers or clients you need to have prepared with a solid marketing strategy and action plan; a reliable sales prospecting system; and an operations plan that permits your company to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as you grow your sales.

If you launched your business on your own you may, quite honestly, be missing some of the critically important upfront strategizing and planning that we know are instrumental in growing your business.

Good News!

It’s not too late to “fill in the blanks” by creating the strategy and operational plans you need to really boost your business’s growth.

To help you fit what exact kind of help you feel your business needs right now, we’ve organized our coaching and consulting capability into three formats:

1. Per-hour coaching.
This is a very useful way to figure out what exactly your business needs…in a very affordable manner.

2. Customized coaching.
One common task that we are asked to assist on is the creation of a business plan. How much of our time is required, and therefore your cost for us to help you, depends upon what amount of work you’ve already completed. We offer you an input form below to inform us of exactly what level of assistance you think you need…we then provide a customized Work Plan, which includes both the cost of the work and the amount of time necessary to complete the requested work.

3. Project-based coaching.
If you have a fairly clear vision of what specific area of your business needs professionalizing, then you may wish to consider purchasing one of our service packages, each of which delivers a clear outcome to you and your business.

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Coaching by the Hour

You may just need a bit of expert help to decide between two choices; gain some step-by-step guidance in how to complete a planning task; or understand better how to formulate your business strategy.

To offer help as economically as possible, we’re pleased to provide expert counsel and feedback on an hourly charge basis.

$150 for the first hour

$100 for the second and subsequent hours
Additional Coaching Hours

Business Plan Development

Smooth your path with a banker or potential investor by getting a critical review of your business planning work to date.

Cost customized to your need.

Use the form below to tell us your needs.

Marketing Plan Creation

A smart marketing plan describes exactly what you will sell, who is most likely to buy and why they will buy it, why your offer is superior to that of competition, what your financial and non-financial goals are and your revenue generating formula.

Please use the form below to tell us more about your business and your financial goal. After we receive your submission, one of our expert coaches will schedule a phone call with you to assure that we clearly understand what outcome you wish to achieve with your marketing strategy. From this conversation we will prepare and send to you a customized Work Plan.

Start-Up Marketing Package

In today’s very competitive world, you need an attention-getting identity for your business, both online and offline.

We link you up with our expert graphic and website design teams who have created eye-catching identities and traffic-stopping websites for hundreds of our start-up clients.

Package includes:

1. Professionally-designed logo.
2. Guidance in selecting a compelling domain name for your business.
3. Set up of a web hosting account to present your company website. This includes the registration of you chosen domain name.
3. Business card layout and printing of 500 full-color business cards.
4. Set up of an e-mail marketing account for your business.
5. Design, test and launch of a non-ecommerce business website, written on the Word Press platform, which permits you to do your own website updates. (E-commerce sites available based on customized pricing).
6. Copy of our Word Press Website Updating Guide to teach you how to make changes and editions to your website, all on your own.


Additional Marketing Projects

We use both our staff and outside topic experts to provide you with the most professional and up-to-date advice and guidance on a number of marketing-related topics.

Since the scope of work requested varies widely based on the size and type of your company, we start by completing a needs assessment via phone, and then follow up with a customized Scope of Work proposal.

Popular topics on which we consult include:

  • Effective use of e-mail marketing.
  • Productive use of social media.
  • Attention-getting website copywriting.
  • Crafting a sales prospecting plan.
  • Finding and setting marketing partnerships.

Please use the form below to tell us what specific marketing project you wish assistance in completing. Upon receipt of your inquiry, one of our expert coaches will schedule a call with you to discuss your needs in more detail. After the call, we will send you a customized Work Plan, including the fee.

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