Share The Real Life Experiences
Of Successful 50+ Business Owners


Whenever I can, I like to share with you real life experiences of 50+ business owners, so you can learn from their mistakes and successes.

Known today as “podcasts” these digital interviews are sometimes done with our coaching clients and other times with Boomer entrepreneurs I run across who have interesting stories to tell.

As a matter of fact, you can help me with these interviews.

If you’d like to share your experience in running your own business or if you know another 50+ Boomer with an interesting story to tell, please drop me an e-mail and tell me more.

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Note: You may need to turn up the volume on your speakers.

Well, on to the interviews…

Freelance Writer and Author

Faced with an ever lengthening commute to work, Lynne Strang decided that it was time to step into the entrepreneurial world and to turn her passion for writing into an income-producing business. She originally planned to pursue two long-considered objectives: to write a book and to start a public relations consultancy. But, once she came up with the concept of writing a book that presented a series of tips for success in running a business after 40 communicated through the real life stories of older entrepreneurs, she realized that writing and marketing the book would be a full-time pursuit in themselves. Lynne’s book is entitled: “Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: 8 Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40.” It’s a great read – take my word for it. I’m also pleased to have met Lynne because she is a fellow graduate from my alma mater – the University of Virginia.


Specialty Jewelry Distributor

Elaine Povinelli spent months searching for just the right business to start. She had some very specific criteria in mind. One was being able to work from home so as to be around for her children. This quickly lead her to realize that her business needed to exist online. One day, she had a burst of creative thought – she had a need and bet other women did to…she has small wrists and many bracelets slide off her arm. So, she crafted a new business distributing a variety of styles of bracelets appropriate for women with 5-6 inch wrists. Listen and learn how she put her business together, piece by piece.


Humorist and Entrepreneur

Donna Cavanagh started her writing career as a night-shift reporter in suburban Philadelphia. On the side she exhibited her fun side by a writing whimsical column that ended up being syndicated throughout Pennsylvania. As the era of social media developed she noticed that more and more large media sites where refusing to publish any kind of humor content…so she did the entrepreneurial thing and launched her own online world for humor writers – I invite you to share both her very interesting life path and her interesting take on the world of authors and publishing.


Engineer and Consultant

Deb Martin was a pioneer in her field as one of the first women industrial engineers to be work in large scale manufacturing plants. Over her career she has worked in a variety of plant situations, ranging from washing machine production to lunch meat production. She decided to take the opportunity of the merger of her most recent employers, Kraft Foods, with Heinz to retire from the corporate world and launch a new career as the owner and chief consultant for a company dedicated to showing manufacturers how to best match people and process to achieve increased profitability.

Career Coach, Author and Workshop Presenter
Plan a Great

Janet Ruck turned an avocation on her job to help others with career planning into a full-time career coaching business after she retired from her job with a federal agency. In this interview she talks about how many of us can find a true compass for the next stage of our life’s work by being guided through the dreams and aspirations that we have buried in our minds.

Author, Blogger, Speaker and Expert Consultant
My Lifestyle

Nancy Collamer, founder of My Lifestyle Career. com and author of the popular career guide: “Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit Your Passions During Semi-Retirement” talks about how she came to build a successful company based on being a topic expert.

Partner Consulting
Go Lean, Inc.

Hallie Johnson, Working Partner at GoLean, Inc., a process improvement consultancy, talks about working with a partner and staying flexible when pursuing new clients.

Solo Consulting
Compass Health & Safety

Ken Proskie was unexpectedly downsized out of his job as an award-winning corporate health and safety director at 52. After careful consideration, and some expert assistance, Ken converted his twenty-five years of job experience into what has become a highly successful consulting company, Compass Health & Safety. Listen to his story of how he made the transformation.

Health Insurance Options
Kloepfer Insurance Services

General Insurance Agent, Tom Kloepfer, discusses how to replace your corporate health insurance.

A Franchised Professional Services Business
Continuous Growth, Inc.

Mike Miller, an old friend from MBA school, talks about how he found the right franchise for him.

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