Get Your Business Up and Running Much Faster With a Guide


You’ll move from knowing the nuts and bolts
of some kind of work or hobby activity
to a fully-functioning, ready-to-produce-profit business
in less than 90 days.


When you work with a Virtual Incubator™ business startup coach “you do what you do best, we do the rest”.

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Businesses succeed for one simple reason: They solve people’s problems. We teach clients to identify problems that their particular expertise can solve. Then together we build a business to their specifications.

Once we solidify the business idea, I guide the client through each step of setting up a business.

But I don’t just tell them what to do. I help them do it.

That’s why my coaching program is different than other resources.

I provide a team of experts to execute critical business tasks so everything gets done, in the right order — from business registration to website creation to a sales promotion process.

For clients who came up in the corporate world, accustomed to working in specialized departments, this type of support is a natural fit.

You work from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else you like to relax (we have clients who connect to coaching calls from their lounge chairs on the beach). You can even keep up with the planning schedule from your hotel room while you travel, or the den of your son or daughter’s house while visiting the grandchildren.

I’ve shown thousands how to start a business after 50. And now I’d like to show you.


Find Out
How To Make Money
From Your
Business Idea

Your Virtual Incubator™ coach will guide you to create a written business model plan describing how you will turn your business skill, new product idea or long-enjoyed hobby into a rewarding stream of income. This is a great way to confirm that you are ready to start the complete business launch process.



With Virtual Incubator™
You Never Have to Wonder What To Do Next.
Your coach guides you step-by-step
to turn your skill, product idea or hobby interest
into a fun and rewarding new business.




Prepare to Launch 1:
Build your marketing plan & marketing system

Every successful business is built around a clear vision for what exactly you will offer, to whom and why they will pay well for it. Your coach guides you to answer a series of short questions to create the narrative for a marketing strategy to drive your new company forward. Your coach also assists you in creating an attention-getting domain name for your company website.

At the same time, our expert design team crafts your logo, designs and prints full-color business cards and designs an attention-getting website, backed by set up of your email marketing service and social media profiles. Our crack copywriting staff composes a traffic-stopping headline and selling copy for your website’s homepage. And using an illustrated guide we show you how to keep your website up to date.

Look to the left (or above) to see the type of logo, business card and website we design for your new company.


Prepare to Launch 2:
Create a plan to find customers

It’s been said that: “you don’t really have a business until you sell something”. Once you have described what you intend to offer to the marketplace and to whom you wish to sell it, your coach guides you to combine your past experience and some research to determine what techniques you need to use to find, attract and sell to your desired customers. Your coach helps you refine your selling story and guides you to build a strong sales promotion process, including the use of content publishing, publicity, social media, presentations and selling partnerships.


Prepare to Launch 3:
Protect your business.

It’s particularly important to your financial security at this point in your life that you protect your personal financial assets from exposure as the result of a business dispute. Your coach explains to you how to use an appropriate form for legally organizing your business to assure this safety net. Our expert service provider assists you with finalizing the appropriate legal registration paper work for both the state in which you reside and the Internal Revenue Service. For a small additional fee you can consult with our small business tax planning expert.


Prepare to Launch 4:
Plan to manage your money

Believe it or not, businesses which show a profit on paper go out of business everyday. How does this happen? These business owners didn’t practice disciplined control of money coming in and going out of their businesses. Your coach guides you to describe each and every expense you will experience in running your business. He also helps you set financial goals and to predict your availability of cash. Our expert services team provides you a copy of the QuickBooks™ accounting software, helps you install it and answers questions on how to best use it.


Prepare to Launch 5:
Craft an operations plan for your business

There’s a critically important balance you must achieve for your business to survive as you grow your sales: deliver more and more product or service while still maintaining happy customers. Your coach will guide you to evaluate what suppliers and vendors you will need to produce and deliver what you’ve promised (this can range from a lumber supplier to a virtual assistant to book appointments for you). He will help you find temporary help and build a local support team of lawyer, CPA, graphic designer and copywriter.


Business Booster™
Coaching Check-Ups

Our mantra for our Virtual Incubator™ program is “never let the client wonder what to do next”. We continue with this mission after you officially launch your business. Once per month for the first six months after you launch your business, you’ll share your business’s progress, get answers to your management questions and enjoy some enthusiastic “cheerleading” from your coach during monthly check-in calls with your coach. You’ll receive a reminder e-mail before each call and be invited to share the specific topics you would like to discuss with your coach.


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Our motto for guiding our Virtual Incubator clients is: “From Scratch to Hatch in 90 Days™”.

Our unique dual-track planning process of you and your coach working in parallel with our expert support team gives you the equivalent of 24 weeks of organizational work in twelve weeks on the calendar. This is how we get your new business up and running in less than 90 days!

See What You Receive

Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
1. A comprehensive written marketing strategy and action plan.

Marketing Support System
1. An eye-catching logo and 500 coordinated full-color business cards.
2. Selection and registration of your domain name and setup of website hosting.
3. A fully-functioning WordPress website, optimized for use on all digital devices. One year of website hosting.
4. Set-up of an email marketing account.
5. Business Page for Facebook and edit of LinkedIn profile.
6. Professional copywriting of content for your website homepage.

Selling & Customer Service Plan
1. Written sales prospecting strategy and action plan, with first-year sales projection.
2. Development of a written customer service strategy.

Business Organization
1. Legal registration of your business. (We pay the cost of the online service, you pay your state’s registration cost).
2. First year profit and loss projection.
3. Price and/or fee setting.
4. Examination of needs and sources of capital for your business.
5. A copy of the QuickBooks Pro accounting software installed on your business computer.
6. Guidance in establishing your business banking, including setup of a merchant’s credit card account where desired.
7. Completion of a written operations plan to assure consistent quality as your business grows.


Get a Customized
Coaching Plan

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you wish to go.

“I know the graphic design business well, but when I decided to add training workshops, I didn’t realize all the important details I needed to address. Jeff’s one-on-one coaching helped me successfully launch my new workshops”.

Denise Laurin

CEO, Living Creatively with Denise Laurin

“The Virtual Incubator planning process took me through the decisions I needed to make, in the order I needed to make them. Jeff’s referral to his team of service providers saved me a lot of time and expense”.

Oscar Womack

CEO, Coherent Contracts

“When I lost my job at age 52, I decided it was time to start my own business. Thanks to the Virtual Incubator planning process and Jeff’s coaching, I turned my corporate experience into a successful consulting business”.

Ken Proskie

CEO, Compass Health & Safety