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Client Success Stories


debcroppedDeb Martin
Profitable Processes

Deb is an accomplished industrial engineer who over the past thirty years has worked to improve production output in a variety of manufacturing facilities, including those making laundry appliances, auto components, and most recently, consumer food items. I met Deb through a referral from a professional friend. She had indicated to my friend that she would be taking an early retirement offer from her current corporate employer and then would like to launch her consulting business.

Deb and I systematically worked together to craft a well put-together business strategy and implementation plan.

Our work included:

  • We starting by crafting her business model – the explanation of exactly what she would sell, to whom and for what expected income.
  • Our creative team came up with a compelling business name – Profitable Processes, and our graphic design team crafted an eye-catching logo to give a visual identity to the name.
  • While Deb followed our website writing tutorial to create highly expressive copy for her website, our website design team created an attention-getting website for Profitable Processes. We use the Word Press software platform to design client sites, which permits our clients to be self-sufficient in making changes to the site.
  • Deb had already sent up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) so we directed her to set up a business checking account, QuickBooks accounting software and a consulting contract using this legal name.
    …Plus much else.

    Backed with a solid marketing and selling strategy and knowing that all key organizational details had been compelted, Deb officially launched Profitable Process, with several good prospect already on her radar.

    Ken Proskie
    Compass Health & Safety


    When Ken was downsized at age 52, he knew almost immediately that he didn’t want to return to the corporate world. “I’d been thinking for sometime about starting my own consulting company, and now losing my job gave me the push I needed to move ahead”.

    Here’s how Ken describes his journey.

    When I received my layoff letter from my last employer, all of my friends and my family assumed that I’d just get another job.

    I’d seriously thought about starting a business when I’d changed jobs seven years earlier. But I just didn’t have the guts to do it then.

    But, when I considered returning to the corporate world this time, I thought to myself – Why? I’d always given my corporate employers my very best. And yet when the company experienced financial problems, they decided that they could do without me.

    I knew that I was an expert in my field – plant health and safety – and I loved meeting the continual challenge of the work, but I didn’t know how to turn my more than twenty-five years of experience into a business.

    The first question to pop into my mind was: “Can I make a living in my own consulting business?”

    I had a bit of a financial cushion and when they found out exactly what kind of business I planned to start, my friends and family were very encouraging, so I decided why not try it?

    The uncharted territory for me wasn’t the industry. It was setting up and running my own business.

    This is where Jeff Williams and Bizstarters came in. The outplacement firm my employer had retained offered a 1/2 day seminar that Jeff was teaching on how to start your own business as a consultant.

    I attended the workshop and stayed behind to ask Jeff a few questions. He took time to answer all my questions and seemed to genuinely care about what I wanted to do, so I decided to sign up for his one-on-one coaching program, and together we created a plan to launch my new business, Compass Health & Safety.

    I don’t know if I could have started my business without Jeff’s help. Maybe I could have, but not nearly as well or as fast.

    althea_125Althea McIntyre
    The Best Career for Me

    When I first met Althea she had already gone through an inspiring career transformation. Trained as a CPA, Althea had completely left behind the corporate world of accounting at one of the Big Six firms to launch a new career as a life coach.

    Here is what she has to say about our work together.

    Hiring Jeff to help me launch my coaching practice is one of my secrets to success.

    Jeff’s systemic approach to develop, grow and build my business is world-class.

    His solid business advise, strong marketing and entrepreneurial expertise helped my transition from Corporate America to self-employment.

    He particularly understood my strong desire to build my business around me as the “brand” and he encouraged me and worked with me to expand my knowledge offerings to include a workbook, live workshops and virtual group coaching.

    l recommend Jeff to any new entrepreneur who wants to have a profitable business

    Jim Glay
    Crash, Boom, Bam


    If it weren’t for a job seekers networking meeting, Jim Glay might still be struggling to find any kind of replacement job.

    But, fortunately we met at a church-sponsored job search group where I was giving a presentation on how 50+ Boomers are fueling the business start-up movement today. Jim asked me after my presentation if I thought he could turn his hobby, and life-long passion, into a lucrative business.

    Hear Jim describe how he got into business.

    Over the past forty years, I have worked weekend and evening gigs as a professional drummer. As I traveled around on my performance outings, I would visit drum shops and often ended up buying their more unusual and exotic drums, many originally manufactured in the sixties and early seventies, considered to be the “golden age” of U.S. drum production.

    By the time Jeff and I met, I had accumulated one of the most extensive collections of vintage drums and drum kits in the U.S. if not the world

    Over the years, I have been regularly asked by ardent drum collectors to sell certain drums…but each drum has been my “baby” and I wouldn’t part with any of them.

    They say that “necessity is the mother of invention” – in my case prolonged and seemingly unending unemployment has been the “mother of financial imagination” for me.

    I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that now was time to start sharing my exceptional collection of drums with the world of drum collectors by setting up a way to systematically market and sell parts of my collection.

    We helped Jim set up a new webstore, located at

    As he says: “I’m not getting rich doing this, but the revenue takes care of my financial needs and I really love running my own business. I only wish I had started sooner”.